Unusual Visitor

One never knows who is going to show up at our doors.  Imagine our surprise on Friday when a peacock made a fine entrance.  Truth be told, he was out in the parking lot in danger of being hit, so he was encouraged to come into the museum for his own safekeeping.

Unfortunately, he did not stay in the gift shop.  He went right on to the exhibit floor and started looking at cars.  To make a very long (and extremely funny) story short, he was finally handled by the animal control people on Saturday morning - after spending the night in the women's restroom. 

Many people were involved with the bird adventure.  Staff members, docents, two park rangers, and a San Diego police officer all got in on the action.  He was "captured" eventually by using pool cleaning equipment.

And that's the way it is on this fine Monday in the park.  The adventure never ceases!


Mr. Peacock can't decide between the Sinatra taxi and the lovely woodie.  Fickle bird!