Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt - Adults

1.   Which car should be chased by Wile E. Coyote?

2.   Who was the “DiVinci of Detroit”?

3.   Which car is known as the “Bullet Bird”?     

4.   Which car came with a “Lucky Penny” under the seat?

5.   Which movie poster advertises the Oscar winner for Best Picture of 1959?

6.   Which car was Motor Trend Magazine’s first  “Car of the Year”?

7.   Which car has unique “Cat’s Eye” taillights?

8.   Who was the Head of Design at General   Motors in 1961?

9.   Which car’s speedometer looks like a thermometer?

10.      Which car has no windshield wipers?
11.      Who designed the 1936 Pontiac Silver Streak? 
12.       Which car is named after Enzo Ferrari’s  son?
13.       In what year was the last Oldsmobile  Jetfire made?
14.       Which car is Hydrogen-Powered?
15.       Which foreign car has a V-12 engine?
16.       How far apart were the turnouts on  the Plank Road?
17.       Which car is electric?
18.       Which motorcycle was designed by the Noted furniture designer Phillipe Stark?
19.        Which vehicle was built at the Solar Turbines factory in San Diego, CA?
20.        Which futuristic car was designed By Giogorgio Giugiaro?


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