Private Events

Take your special event or meeting on the road at the San Diego Automotive Museum!  With an incredible collection of cars, motorcylces, and memorabilia wrapped around your special event, rest assured it will be enjoyed and long remembered.  From a black-tie gala or wedding to a backyard barbeque, the festive atmosphere of the museum can accommodate any occasion of your dreams.  Have your next meeting or seminar at one of the most unique venues in all of San Diego!  Whatever the occasion, make it one they will never forget.

Exhibit Floor - 17,000 square feet that accomodates up to 250 for buffet, cocktails, or a lovely sit-down dinner.  This is our most popular choice.

Car Park - 22,680 square feet in a private, park-like setting that comfortably hosts up to 500 people.  It's ideal for wedding, car shows, festivals, or company picnics.  This is San Diego's best-kept secret!

Hall of Fame -  2,353 square feet for lectures, meetings, business lunches, or a sit-down dinner.  Overlooking the exhibit floor, this space can also include a tour of the museum.  Internet access is available.

For further information, please call 619-398-0308