Classic Treasures

Apr 1 2009 - Oct 31 2009

This exhibit was about the cars that car collectors value. Most are the possessions of our volunteers, our docents, and our restoration workers who have had a hand in recreating some of the cars you see on the floor. Others are specific examples from our collection that are rare and unusual.

Each car has some particular meaning to the person who owns it and it may have been restored to near original condition – receiving the attention that objects of such desire tend to receive. Some of the autos are orphan cars – those companies that have since closed their doors permanently. The Packard, the Pierce-Arrow, the Studebaker, and now the Pontiac are examples of orphan cars.

The automobiles that belong to the Museum collection are those chosen for their uniqueness in a historical perspective and their rarity.  How many of us have heard of or seen a Babcock or a Saxon?  What about the Triumph Mayflower? The Datsun Roadster was known to the sports car enthusiasts among us, but few would recognize it as the car that preceded the Datsun 240Z, one of the truly popular sports cars of the ‘70s.

 Our volunteers have been asking to show their cars on the exhibit floor for years and finally it has happened.