"An American Icon Turns 60!"
Oct 4 2013 - Jan 31 2014
Introduced at GM Motorama in 1953, the prototype displayed a vision of American sports motoring combining the dreamy shapes of early-1950’s American luxury cars with the aggressive posture of a European sports car. The name (Corvette), taken from that of a highly maneuverable warship, was suggested by Myron Scott, a photographer with GM's ad agency.Certain styling features were consistent with the first generation Corvettes. The following are examples:Proportions – long hood and short tail. This was by design and it helped to bring about a nearly 50 / 50 weight distribution – something many a sports car manufacturer has strived for.The Waterfall Effect (first generation) – this being the way the bodywork flows down into the passenger compartment.Bodyside Cove – While the ’53 – ‘55’s had the spear-like chrome strip running between the front and rear wheel openings, the rest of the C1 generation carried the side cove with various iterations. This became the iconic style until 1963.Dual Cockpit – passenger compartment simulating the jet fighter look of the 1950’s.