Kids' Spot

Kids Spot

The museum is full of things to experience!   Eager and curious minds can learn about Louie Mattar's fabulous road trips, unique auto design, etc. Our explore area offers young quests the chance to "drive" a stripped-down race car and hop aboard a full-sized motorcycle.

Visitors to our museum can also participate in our specially designed scavenger hunt.  Ask the people at the admission counter for a copy and a pencil.  Find as many answers as you can and return it to the admission counter before you leave.  Everyone who participates gets a special prize!





1.   What is the license plate number of  Freddie’s Fury?

2.   Where is the home of Albert the Bull?

3.   What movies are showing at the Sunset  Drive-In?     

4.   Which car has a star in the back window?

5.   Which car has the Roadrunner on it?

6.   What roadside attraction is actually a  

  working water tower?

7.   Name one of the food items Bob’s Big Boy is famous for?

8.   What year did the Mitchell Corn Palace  open?

9.   Which car has a Yellowstone sticker on the  window?

10.       Which car is the lowest to the ground?     

                     11.        Which car is electric?

12.       What color is the Guzzi Falcon motorcycle?

13.       Which motorcycle won a ribbon in 2013?

14.       What car company made “Big Oly”?

15.       What car was in the movie “Back to the Future”?

16.       What brand of gasoline is for sale by the Barn Find?

17.       What color is the car named “Dino”?

18.        The word “Garage” comes from the French word “Garer”.  What does

     that word mean?

19.        During what years did the Plank Road operate?

                      20.        Which car has a telephone in the back?

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