Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt for British Invasion Show 


  1.   Name four brands of British vehicles that are featured in the show. 

    2.       Which James Bond movie featured an AMC flying car?  

    3.       Which car had royal passengers?  

    4.       Which vehicle is a prototype and only 1 of 3 in the world?  

    5.       Which James Bond car could change into a submarine? 

    6.       James Bond movies featured actors from what countries? 

    7.       Which actor only played James Bond in one film? 

    8.       Which car was so small it was referred to as a “Baby _______” 

    9.       Which car was named after the founder’s first name? 

    10.   What car was called “The most beautiful car ever made” by Enzo Ferrari? 

    11.   What car’s name also means “very small”? 

    12.   Which car was driven by Frank Sinatra? 

    13.   Which car’s door design had to be changed because it could get stuck on the passenger side because the door was too “long”? 

    14.   Which car is there both a white and black version of on the museum floor? 

    15.   Name 5 British bands/singers that influenced music in the U.S.. Bonus point, name a major song by each singer/band. 

    16.   Name a popular British based T.V. show. 

    17.   What is the popular movie series that is about a British boy wizard? 

    18.   What motorcycle is the same featured in a Steve McQueen movie? 

    19.   What is the oldest automobile on the floor?  

    20.   What is the oldest motorcycle on the floor?





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