Past Exhibitions

The actual date of origin of the personal station wagon in the U.S. is a bit uncertain. These types of vehicles, larger to handle large amounts of… read more
Cars have been in movies almost as long as movies have been made. Cars give attitude and status to the characters in film.
British auto manufacturing began in the late 1890s. Some of the first prominent British makes are still in existence.  By the 1950s, the United Kin
From the time that cars were first conceptualized, there was always the question of what will the future of cars or personal transport could mean. … read more
Much of automotive design took cues from the latest technological advances and cultural trends. The "fin" was no exception.
Balboa Park was involved in the war effort for both World Wars. Shortly after the first Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915-1916, the U.S… read more
Originally known as City Park, Balboa Park was 1,400 acres of treeless, rough space until late 1890s. The park was given its name in 1910 as the… read more
What is a "Lead Sled"? In the 1940s and 1950s, plastic body filler and fiberglass did not exist. Lead was used as a body filler.
An Orphan Car is: "any marque or brand of vehicle produced by a company that has discontinued business entirely." The name is often confused with a… read more
The 1950s are not known as the beginnings of the Muscle Car era, but events of that period had an impact on development. In the post-war period,… read more
Introduced at GM Motorama in 1953, the prototype displayed a vision of American sports motoring combining the dreamy shapes of early-1950s American… read more
The nature of toys is compounded of pleasure, fantasy, and imitation. The history of toys is made up of contrasts, and lies somewhere between the… read more