Past Exhibitions

The San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park is proud to announce the opening of its new exhibit, No
Now Open Until Sept 17, 2017   The history of Japanese car manufacturing is rich with pr
Evel Knievel's motorcycle from Viva Knievel
First responders (until May 29, 2017) are often trained to provide pre-hospital care. First responders include agencies such as law… read more
The actual date of origin of the personal station wagon in the U.S. is a bit uncertain. These types of vehicles, larger to handle large… read more
Cars have been in movies almost as long as movies have been made. Cars give attitude and status to the characters in film.
British auto manufacturing began in the late 1890s. Some of the first prominent British makes are still in existence.  By the 1950s, the
From the time that cars were first conceptualized, there was always the question of what will the future of cars or personal transport… read more
Much of automotive design took cues from the latest technological advances and cultural trends. The "fin" was no exception.
Balboa Park was involved in the war effort for both World Wars. Shortly after the first Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915-… read more