Our Staff

Our Staff

You may reach staff members by e-mailing them or calling 619-231-2886 between 9 AM and 12 Noon or 1 PM to 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. The following information is here to assist you:

Executive Director: Paula Brandes paula@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0308

Creative Director: Marisela Duron marisela@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0303

Education Director: Pandora Paul  pandora@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0314 

Office/HR Manager: Faye Levy faye@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0307

Store Manager: Mireya Lopez mireya@sdautomuseum.org 398-0302

Facility/Events: Michael Conroy michael@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0310

Administrative Assistant/Memberships: Sally Vangorkom sally@sdautomuseum.org - 398-0301

Sales Associate: Abraham Barragan

Sales Associate: Patrick Beers


Facility Maintenance: Refugio Gutierrez - 398-0313

Restoration Facility Manager: Chuck D' Anna restoration@sdautomuseum.org


Thank you for your contribution!