Group Tours

The museum is pleased to offer special tours for groups of 10 or more or school classes up to 30.  These tours give more history about the building, history of the museum, and how the museum functions.  Participants are guided through several signature exhibits with more detail than can be found on the narratives or videos.  These personal touches add a lot of character to your visit, and there is always time for questions.  Believe us when we say there are new questions every time we do this! 

 On school tours, our ratio of students to adults is 6:1.  No exceptions.


        San Diego Unified Schools                     FREE

        School tours (elementary)                    $2 per student (free adults)

        School tours (middle school & up)          $3 per student (free adults)

        Adult tours                                         $5 per person


To arrange your tour, please call Mireya at 619-398-0302.