San Diego Automotive Museum Volunteer Program

We have a large pool of volunteers and a small paid staff that makes up a very harmonious team with a very positive attitude. 

We are looking for people over the age of 18 to assist in promoting and sustaining this great museum environment, and we encourage your participation as a volunteer in the areas below (pending an application review and availability).  The opportunities outlined below have varied requirements but they all focus on entertaining, educating, and meeting the needs of our guests.


A docent is the title given to those volunteers that work on the floor of the museum and interact with the public.   Our docents are the front line of museum operations.   They greet the visitors, make them welcome, and are always available to answer questions about the museum and the objects on display in the museum.  

Tour Docent

The tour docents have had additional training in the art of handling tour groups.   In order to provide a more meaningful experience for the tour group, the tour docents have also spent time in additional San Diego Automotive Museum classes relating to the history of the car and associated relevant historical events.


The San Diego Automotive Museum has a 2,300 square foot research library.   The materials in the library are comprised of an outstanding collection of books, repair manuals, magazines, photographs, videos, brochures, and vehicle press release packages.  Since this is a research facility it is a non-circulating library i.e., the materials in the library do not leave the library at any time.  


The museum maintains a full restoration center in National City and currently is in operations only Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.   The volunteers at this facility work under the direction of the Restoration Shop Manager and the Restoration Shop Office Manager, both volunteers.   Our restoration shop volunteers have a varied level of experience, from expert mechanic to those with no experience but a true willingness to learn and apply labor to a project.  


The detailers get up close and personal with the vehicles and exhibits on the museum floor.   After undergoing specific training in the area of vehicle detailing they are ready to maintain the beautiful appearance of what the public comes to see.  

Outside Promotions

The museum is working to expand the awareness of its existence in the community.   The volunteers can play a big part in this process through their participation at outside events where the museum has a presence.   Volunteers are a great help in “selling” the museum, arranging for donations of vehicles and artifacts, and recruiting new volunteers.  These outside events are coordinated through the museum staff.

Staff Assistance

Depending upon background and interests there, are a number of areas within the museum that are available where volunteers can assist staff members on specific tasks

How to Apply

Candidates must have a healthy team spirit, be at least 18 years of age, and be willing to participate with a regular commitment.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, click here to fill out an application online, email (if form doesn't work with your browser), click here to download a pdf, or call 619.398.0307 to request an application.