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Drive into the San Diego Automotive Museum’s Accelerating Futures Legacy Circle!

Meet Troy Kahle

SDAM’s First Accelerating Futures Legacy Circle Member

“Inspiring the next generation of car enthusiasts with a Legacy gift to the San Diego Automotive Museum, providing education programs with Troy’s Speedway in the children’s activity center, and a future gift of vehicles to the Museum’s collection, make me proud to support this wonderful institution.”

Troy Kahle - SDAM's first accelerating futures legacy circle member

How Your Endowment Makes an Impact

How Your Endowment Makes an Impact

An Endowment is as essential as a car’s engine. It’s a reliable source of income for Museum operations, supporting SDAM through uncertain economies and ensuring the longevity of the Museum’s infrastructure.

The Vocational Education Academy supports at-risk youth living below the poverty line, teaching automotive trade skills, budget management, and provides mentors to guide youth through their transition into adulthood.

The Museum’s Preservation component ensures that cars gifted and donated to the SDAM are preserved to carry on the automobile’s knowledge and adoration for future generations to learn and admire.

How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

Your life is legendary. And you’re not done. Does your heart race with excitement when thinking of helping others drive through life to achieve their dreams…today, tomorrow, and for future generations? By including the San Diego Automotive Museum in your estate plan, you are helping at-risk youth build their automotive careers while preserving the automobile’s past, present, and future.

There are several gift planning options to consider and we can help you determine which works best for you.

Plans Include:

Bequest Through a Will or Living Trust

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Qualified Retirement Plan

Charitable Lead

Life Insurance

Consult your Financial Advisor to determine which options are best for you and your family.

How Will You Leave Your Legacy

Become a Member!

Join a team of people known as the Accelerating Futures Legacy Circle who have demonstrated their commitment to providing automotive programs and activities for people of all ages to experience automotive culture without a financial burden. With thoughtful planning, anyone can make a lasting impact on behalf of their loved ones and themselves.

Legacy Circle members receive unique benefits and recognition, including invitations to exclusive quarterly events and a welcome gift to acknowledge your generosity. To ensure the San Diego Automotive Museum is included in your will or living trust, please work with your attorney to add the following language: “I/We give and devise $________ (or _______% of my/our estate) to the San Diego Automotive Museum, a California nonprofit corporation. Tax ID # 33-0147359”

Want to learn more? Contact Sharon Smith at 619-987-8020 or

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