Scavenger Hunt

Way out of date. We're working on a new one.


  1. What is the oldest car on the floor?
  2. Which car took 31 years to restore?
  3. With what motorcycle did the rider wear only his bathing suit to get the fastest time on?
  1. Where did Louie Mattar drive his fantastic car without stopping?
  1. Name 4 special things Louie Mattar did to his car.
  1. Which motorcycles have leather drive belts?
  1. What is the oldest motorcycle on the floor?  Where was it made?
  1. What is a barn find?  What kind of car is in the barn find exhibit?
  1. What is the only French motorcycle on the floor?  Japanese?  Spanish?
  1. What is the only car that you can touch and get into?
  1. What are two types of motorcycles (different manufacturers) that have side car?
  1. How many Harley Davidsons do we have on the floor?


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