Maintenance Manager Makes San Diego Automotive Museum Shine

Maintenance Manager Makes San Diego Automotive Museum Shine

The 18-month Zone on CBS8 News features Rey Gutierrez, our maintenance manager at the museum, and how he used the 18-month COVID closure to reimagine his space.

"I build it, that is what I do," said Rey. "I'm happy because I work around cars which I love." 

No matter where you work, there's usually an unsung hero who quietly makes a big difference without receiving much fanfare. In this Zevely Zone, I visited a reimagined San Diego Automotive Museum.

Located inside Balboa Park, the Auto Museum first opened its doors in December of 1988. During the depths of COVID, Operations Manager, Sally Hansen says it was decided the space needed a museum makeover. "We were completely closed for 18 months," said Sally.

Throughout the pandemic, the Auto Museum would have completely stalled, if not for the commitment of one busy man. "Yes, very, very busy," said Sally about her coworker, 71-year-old Rey Gutierrez.

The showroom floor is filled with beautiful cars, but it was the maintenance manager who rolled up his sleeves and made the museum shine. "Before, it was like a big barn," said Sally.