Brand Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines are to help you use our logo and assets. When producing communications materials that carry the San Diego Automotive Museum (SDAM) visual identity, please refer to these standards for usage.

Using the SDAM brand and logo

SDAM's marks include, but are not limited to, the association name, logo, social media skins and profile images, and any words, phrases, images, or other designation that identifies the source or origin with any of SDAM's creative work.

If you are another association or organization, do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a confusing way, or in a way that confuses SDAM with another brand.

Our logos are available as downloadable files below so that you can easily use them as needed.

 San Diego Automotive Museum Logos

Logo Versions

The San Diego Automotive Museum's Logo is provided in three distinct versions. The Logo Set contains both a Positive (Black), and Negative (White in Black Box) version for each. 

If placing the Logo in a field that has a value of 80% or darker, it is permissable for designers to reverse a Positive version of the Logo to white, in lieu of using a Negative (Black Box) version of the Logo. When doing so, the Logo must be 100% white in value.



The size that the logo will appear determines which version of the logo should be used.

In all materials, when using the logo at a size that is 3 inchesin width or smaller, use Version A of the logo without the Tag Line, since the tag line will be too small to be legible. When using the logo at a size that is 3 inches wide or larger, use Version B that includes the "San Diego's Premier Transportation Museum™" tag line.

Version C of the logo should only be used in display materials as a featured graphic application, and never used as the logo identifier/sign off on ad materials. It should only be used at an adequate size that allows its detail to be easily seen, and space around it must follow the guidelines specified in the "Spacing" section. Using the Negative version of Logo C is preferred to the Positive version.

San Diego Automotive Musem Logos


Clear space around the logo is an integral part of its design, and ensures the logo can be seen quickly, and uncluttered by other logos, symbols, artwork or text. "X" represents the "Cap Height" of the word SAN DIEGO in the logo. That measurement should be used to determine the empty space that should bordering the 4 sides of the logo element.