Rider Magazine Explores The Wood Plank Road

Rider Magazine Explores the Wood Plank Road

Tim Kessel of Rider Magazine explorew Historic U.S. 80. His journey leads him to the San Diego Automotive Museum's Wood Plank Road exhibit.

The Old Way: Historic U.S. 80 and the Wood Plank Road

Picture a scene in which hearty travelers traverse barren and windswept sand dunes on roads of rough-hewn timbers. I am not talking about some prehistoric time nor am I forecasting a dystopian future. No, my friends, many still-living Americans could tell you of this strange and fascinating tale set in the American Southwest.

I recently happened upon a magazine article that mentioned a wood plank road that spanned the sand dunes linking the southernmost portions of California and Arizona. With my interest piqued, I dug deeper and discovered that the Old Plank Road was operational for more than a decade and was ultimately displaced by a paved portion of U.S. Route 80 in 1926.