Upcoming Exhibits

  • Power of Porsche: Evolution of a Supercar (June 15, 2024 to August 4, 2024) From the lightweight and top-performing 1973 Carrera RS, born of homologation requirements in racing, to the ultra-high tech 2019 935, The Power of Porsche: Evolution of a Supercar chronicles the Porsche obsession with shattering its own records at the Nürburgring, fueling the evolution of the marque’s timeless and superlative vehicles and influencing the development of all supercars. The exhibit will feature a 1973 Carrera RS Touring, 1988 959 Komfort, 2004 Carrera GT, 2015 918 Spyder Weissach, and 2019 935- a truly remarkable collection of Porsche supercars from a single stable.


    • Power of Porsche: From Stuttgart to SoCal (June 15, 2024 to November 24, 2024) Though a relatively small automotive marque, Porsche has emerged as a defining influence on the automotive aspirations of the Western world in the postwar era. Over its 70-year history, Porsche has achieved an iconic status, instantly recognizable to even non-enthusiasts. Southern California plays a significant role in the Porsche legacy, with collectors and club members in this region contributing to the brand's vibrant worldwide community and exemplifying the enduring allure of Porsche. The Power of Porsche: From Stuttgart to SoCal will feature 6-8 of these locally owned machines from various eras, showcasing their singular design, engineering, and outsize cultural influence.


    • SD Lowriding featuring the Black Lowriders Association of San Diego (opening June 19, 2024) Lowriding in San Diego dates back to the 1950s and represents an intersection of cultures and communities with a wide reach in the postwar period. Black lowriders from Southeast San Diego cruised Imperial and Euclid, meeting at spots like Big Bear Market and Paul Lowe’s Liquor, in their cars that were sometimes driven straight to a hydraulics shop from the dealership. Although deeply rooted in the past, Black lowriders in San Diego are part of a thriving and dynamic community, with the Black Lowriders Association of San Diego committed to building bridges, fostering mentorship and positive influence, and uniting clubs across the western US.

    • SDAM’s Car Club Corner: Corvair Club (June 4, 2024 to March 3, 2025) The exhibit will feature one car and history of a club, starting with San Diego Corvair Club.