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Finding a well preserved classic (or antique) car stored in a forgotten barn or warehouse is a common dream of collectors. It’s best when said car is in perfect condition and simply needs gas to drive away. This 1928 Studebaker was found in less than perfect condition, but all of the parts are there and they are in reasonably good shape.

The Studebaker has sat in a shed in Imperial Beach for the past 40 years. The original owners parked it in 1966, and with the exception of a few rare trips around the fields, it has not moved. This would have been prime material back in the 1940s with which to build a hot rod. Purchased for $5 or $10 dollars, the car would have been stripped of unnecessary components, lowered, and the engine replaced or at least modified to produce as much power as conceivable in the day. The flathead 6 would easily have been replaced with a modern V-8.

Although a Studebaker is not a Ford, any car for the right price has the potential to be some young man's dream machine. Just visualize it chopped, channeled, and laden with 500 hp to go.