San Diego Automotive Museum

During your visit

Scavenger Hunt Just For Fun

To enhance your visit at the museum, join us for a scavenger hunt. If you can solve all of the questions and our riddle at the end of the hunt, consider yourself a car expert!

  1. What is the oldest car on the floor? The newest?
  2. In 1914 Henry Ford announced a $5 a day minimum for his employees, while the competition was paying half as much. How much was the competition paying their employees?
  3. With what motorcycle did the rider wear only his bathing suit to get the fastest time on? (HINT: There is a picture!)
  4. Where did Louie Mattar drive his fantastic car without stopping?
  5. List 4 modifications Louie Mattar did to his car.
  6. Which motorcycle has a leather drive belt?
  7. What is the oldest motorcycle on the floor? Where was it made?
  8. What is a barn find? What kind of car is in the barn find exhibit?
  9. Which car would Mr. Spock not understand?
  10. What type of motorcycle has a side car?
  11. I am a word that is spelled the same both forward and backward. I drive VERY fast. What am I?

Click below for a printable version. The version for younger visitors is easier.