IGNITE: San Diego Automotive Museum Academy


This innovative program combines career exploration, independent research, and skill-building through project-based hands-on learning to prepare students for internships and other pathways towards successful careers in the automotive industry. The IGNITE program is ideal for students getting ready to enter high school through recent high school graduates and provides mentorship, guidance, and early career exposure and experience.   

EXPLORATION: Industry Career Opportunities 

Academy students will explore career opportunities through a broad spectrum of site visits, field trips, presentations, and workshops with industry professionals on monthly outings from January through May.  

SKILL-BUILDING: Summer session 

The Summer Workshops offer project-based hands-on learning opportunities to develop skills important to advancing towards internships and more advanced learning pathways. Through SDAM’s network of industry professionals and educators, the Academy has identified a list of critical competencies necessary for students to develop while advancing towards more advanced learning pathways and internships. The Summer Workshops provide opportunities for students to learn and practice these skills alongside knowledgeable instructors and mentors through project-based hands-on learning. The focus will be on learning shop protocols and safety, fundamental tools, and how an engine works. 


SDAM has cultivated strong partnerships with industry professionals and businesses in the community seeking qualified interns. These partners have provided us with insight into what they are seeking in potential interns and have collaborated with the Academy to develop learning objectives and outcomes for these interns to accomplish during their term. Academy graduates will have the opportunity to connect with these partners to explore this career pathway. 

If you're interested in joining, please fill out the interest form below. Questions can be sent by e-mail to Alejandra@sdautomuseum.org.

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